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At Moolap Car Care, we provide complete clutch replacement and clutch repairs for customers throughout Geelong and South Geelong.

Your clutch is an essential component of your vehicle. It connects and disconnects the engine from the driveshaft. It is essentially responsible for linking the revving engine with the stationary transmission and transferring controlled power to the drive system. As a result, the clutch deals with a huge amount of stress and friction and will wear out over time.

Some common clutch problems include:

  • Clutch slipping
  • Difficulty selecting or shifting gears
  • Difficulty accelerating
  • Gear crunching or shuddering
  • Difficulty compressing the clutch pedal

If you’re noticing any of these signs, contact the team at Moolap Car Care today. We have a team of the best mechanics in Geelong who can efficiently and affordably handle all clutch repair and replacement work.

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There are just some of the clutch repair services we offer:

  • Clutch kit replacement
  • Pressure plate replacement
  • Clutch disk replacement
  • Bearing and bush replacement
  • Flywheel machining replacement
  • Worn out hydraulic parts replacement

We use only premium quality genuine replacement or fully reconditioned parts for all our clutch repair and replacement work.

We have a team of fully qualified mechanics with more than 30 years’ experience providing complete car service and car repairs throughout Geelong. If you’re having problems with your clutch, then give us a call today.

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Whether you’re looking for steering or brake repairs, new tyres or wheel alignments, log book service or just general maintenance and car advice anywhere in Geelong, you can trust the team at Moolap Car Care. We also offer complete air conditioning services including car aircon regas. Wherever you are in the Geelong area, whatever car you drive, we’re ready to help.

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At Moolap Car Care, we’re committed to providing the best car service and repairs in Geelong. We have a team of qualified mechanics with more than 30 years’ experience who deliver premium workmanship and friendly customer service.

To find out more or book a service, give us a call on (03) 5248 5530 or contact us online.

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